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The Other Woman

I shudder to think what this ‘Bridesmaids Lite’

flick would have been had Leslie Mann not

been allowed to do her thing...


An intriguing start quickly plummets into a goofy sci-fi

thriller, never rising from its traditional roots...


This slim and pretty terrific thriller may just prove to be the ultimate

antidote to this summer’s bloated superhero onslaught...


Darren Aronofsky’s Noah is as political as it is spiritual.

And, yeah, the effects are pretty swell, too...

Rob The Mob

Just like the true life anti-heroes it portrays, this little movie

packs what might be considered surprising heat...

Nymphomaniac: Volume I

Leave it to Lars von Trier to create a movie

about sex that’s not traditionally sexy at all...

Grand Piano

Small on scale, this terse thriller plays us like a finely tuned, well, you know...


There is a logic to resurrecting this franchise in the videogame era

and while this reboot isn’t as much inventive fun as its original,

this not -bad take does serve its purpose...

Monuments Men

Had this historical drama really relied on the strength of its convictions,

George Clooney’s good old fashioned movie might have flowed better...

Labor Day

Promising pedigree aside, this nonsensical romance’s a laborious entertainment...

Lone Survivor

Peter Berg’s harrowing combat film may not be the most fun or the

pleasant release of 2013: it may be one of the most profound...

Grudge Match

This by-the-numbers movie lets boys be boys.

Women, however, better watch their step...

August Osage County

Having seen what Tracy Letts wrenching family drama wrought on stage,

winning not just the Tony, but Pulitzer Prize, I may have found this star-studded

film kind of fun, but also a very pretty shell of its former self...

Wolf of Wall Street

It starts with a dwarf toss. Martin Scorsese’s colossal Wall Street gone wild is,

like its subject, big, unruly and, maybe, a bit too alluring for its own good...

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

This movie is nuts. I just wish it had to courage to really go with it...



Spike Jonze’s glorious 21st Century love story not only swept

me off my feet, but also shot an arrow deep into my heart...

American Hustle

Just because David O. Russell’s take on ABSCAM isn’t

what I’d hoped it would be doesn’t mean it isn’t still a damn

entertaining movie. In fact, I had a blast watching it...

Saving Mr. Banks

Even if this occasionally clunky “making of” picture does soften a

lot of ragged edges, the trademark Disney charm’s gonna getcha...

Inside Llewyn Davis

The Coen Brothers’s ode to the early 1960’s folk

scene certainly stirs a symphony of emotions...


The tale itself is painful, it’s telling here, a delicious mix of sweet and sour...


There’s a gentle tone to Alexander Payne’s work, which makes his piercing look at

contemporary American life all the more surprising. And, perhaps, revealing...

Last Vegas

For a movie that packs few surprises, the happiest

is that it is such sweet entertainment...

The Counselor

This movie is a hot mess. And it’s damn entertaining...

Blue is the Warmest Color

How can a movie this good feel so wrong?

12 Years A Slave

Steve McQueen’s fact-based film about Southern American slavery is uncompromising,

insistent, and one of the most powerful films about the subject ever made...

All is Lost

More than a dandy counterpoint to the megahit Gravity, J.C Chandor’s

thrilling adventure is also a remarkable existential ride...

Captain Phillips

Can an American hero have any greater film

tribute than to have Tom Hanks play him?


 An intimate movie of vast proportions, Gravity is a spell bounding

groundbreaker that transforms the movie going experience...

Don Jon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes an auspicious filmmaking

debut with this somewhat risky romantic comedy...

Opening in Wide Release

Brick Mansions

The Other Woman

The Quiet Ones

In Selected Theaters

Blue Ruin

For No Good Reason

From the Rough


The German Doctor

Jeune et Jolie

Last Passenger


The Machine

Also in Theaters


A Haunted House 2

Heaven Is for Real


Draft Day


Rio 2

Captain America: The Winter Soldier



Muppets Most Wanted

Need for Speed

Tyler Perry's The Single Moms Club

300: Rise of an Empire

Mr. Peabody & Sherman


Son of God

3 Days to Kill


About Last Night

Endless Love

Winter's Tale

The Lego Movie

Vampire Academy

That Awkward Moment

I, Frankenstein

Devil's Due

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